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Business Intelligence, Economic & Decision Analysis

Are you a business owner or executive struggling to improve the quality and transparency of your business intelligence or performance data?  Do you have complex problems or challenges you’re trying to solve, but don’t know where to begin? Are you trying to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable intelligence?  Or maybe you’re trying to steer your business through a difficult transition.  Strategies & Solutions Group is here to help.

We can help your team create the strategies and perform the analysis necessary to take your business to the next level.  We’re experts at creating knowledge from data and applying it to remove the fog of uncertainty surrounding your critical business decisions.  As a result, you will make plans and decisions with greater confidence and awareness of potential outcomes, and you will have the insight into your business intelligence information you’ve always wanted, thereby eliminating the need for guesswork, hunches, and “by the seat of your pants” management decisions.

At Strategies & Solutions Group, we help our clients discover and implement intelligent, innovative & transformative solutions to overcome your toughest challenges, helping business owners and executives create strategies, analyze problems, evaluate opportunities, improve performance and profitability, and much more.   We make it a priority to really listen to our clients' individual challenges and concerns, and we perform an unparalleled in-depth forensic level business analysis on your company and use that to tailor an effective strategy for your success.

Ultimately, our goal is to lower your stress level, and make running your business fun again, or maybe for the first time!  Call us now at (410) 571-4071 to take advantage of our no-charge initial consultation.  You’ll be glad you did.

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    ​Strategies for Navigating Business Transition

    Helping our clients cope with ongoing change: transforming your business to take advantage of new market opportunities, restructuring to improve operational efficiency, responding to new regulations and risks. This requires a proven response that drives revenue, improves efficiency and enables greater agility.

    Providing clients with insight into their current and future financial well-being and risk as a basis for making critical business decisions. We analyze your firm's ability to earn income and sustain growth (Profitability), pay its obligations (Solvency), maintain positive cash flow (Liquidity), and remain in business (Stability).

    Our people work closely with executives to transform data into actionable knowledge; create strategies and road maps to realize goals; enable confident understanding of the implications and potential outcomes of critical decisions; create frameworks for critical decision making; and evaluate between alternative paths.

    Estimation & Forecasting

    Developing or acquiring new technology solutions requires insight into potential risks and opportunities.  Failure to fully understand business needs, requirements and constraints can lead to devastating consequences.  SSG helps clients remove this cloud of uncertainty and facilitates improved outcomes.

    Performance & Profitability Optimization

    ​​Strategies and Solutions Group provides affordable, high quality, Strategic & Analytic consulting services; helping business owners and executives create strategies, analyze problems, evaluate opportunities, improve performance and profitability, and much more.