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    About our Company
    Strategies and Solutions Group was founded to make quality strategic & analytic consulting available to commercial businesses at an affordable price and with a high return on investment. Our target market is predominantly privately-held commercial companies with annual revenues between $1M-$50M, and 5-100 employees in the following industries:

    • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
    • Government Contracting
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Manufacturing & Product Sales
    • Business & Consumer Service Providers
    • Information Technology & Software Companies

    We understand today's hyper-competitive marketplace, and the need to provide tangible value for every dollar our clients spend on us. Therefore, we will not solicit nor accept work that we cannot successfully perform. After all, like you, our survival as a company is dependent upon making wise choices with our money, resources, and time, and successfully mitigating risk. We are confident in our ability to solve your toughest challenges, and evaluate opportunities for your company's growth. Give us a call to take advantage of our free initial consultation.

    At Strategies and Solutions Group (SSG), we have experience you can rely on. Our members have worked for the most reputable large consulting firms and have provided valuable expertise to both public and commercial clients for years. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients, working together to bring success and the realization of your goals. At SSG, we stand behind our work and our word. As such, we commit ourselves to:

    • Establish our company on best practices and fresh, innovative ideas
    • Keep integrity foundational to our way of conducting business
    • Empower, train, and care for our members
    • Make customer satisfaction our number one priority