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Accurate & Credible Estimation & Forecasting

Whether we're building you a straight-forward Microsoft Excel based Financial or Economic Forecasting Model, or a more sophisticated Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) based Systems Engineering & Software Development Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) using IFPUG Function Points, being developed in a fully Agile environment, Strategies & Solutions Group knows which tools and techniques to use that will result in a high degree of accuracy, defensibility, and integrity.  We have decades of expertise with the most advanced software tools, and the absolute latest techniques.  

Financial Analysis & Forecasting
Strategies & Solutions Group provides executives with insight into their current and future financial well-being and risk as a basis for making critical business decisions. This includes analysis of your firm's ability to earn income and sustain growth (Profitability), pay your obligations (Solvency), maintain positive cash flow (Liquidity), and remain in business (Stability).  This activity is can stand alone, or be included within our initial "Business Analysis" activity that we typically conduct on new client "Performance & Profitability Optimization" engagements.

Estimation, Measurement & Analysis

We develop credible, reliable, and accurate estimates of future costs for programs, projects, or operations based on what is known today, thereby providing decision makers with essential insights prior to "green-lighting" additional expenditures. Estimates may also be used as inputs into some of our Analytics service offerings, such as: Cost/Benefit Analyses (CBA), Analyses of Alternatives (AoA), or Business Case Analyses (BCA). Understanding cost drivers and risks is important in the decision making process. So, let Strategies and Solutions Group (SSG) work with your team to develop estimates for systems engineering, software development, IT services, hardware, manufacturing, and construction using the latest techniques to include function points and Agile user story points.  We make use of several industry leading parametric estimation tools, as well as have access to high quality industry data to support early-phase analogous system or Cost Estimating Relationships (CER) Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates.  We have developed a proprietary state-of-the art Software Estimation, Measurement & Analysis Framework for Agile and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) programs that provides highly accurate and defensible estimates in a fraction of the time compared to companies.

Compliance with Government Contracting Requirements

SSG provides our small business government contracting clients with the benefit of assisting in developing and managing their Monthly Status Reports, written deliverables, Time Reporting, and Invoicing.  This allows our clients (typically engineering and scientific companies) to focus on what they do best without having to worry about falling into non-compliance, or not getting their invoices submitted or paid in a timely manner.  At SSG, we have decades of experience in government contracting, and are very adept at generating high quality reports and submitting them in a timely manner.

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