Optimizing Profitability, Performance, & Process

Many businesses today operate on a razor thin margin.  The costs of doing business have soared while various forces have suppressed prices.  In this environment it is essential for businesses to find ways to reduce costs, increase customer value, and improve performance and efficiency, while creating important differentiators, including obtaining process certifications such as ISO-9000 or CMMI.  At Strategies and Solutions Group, we start off by performing a deep dive analysis of your business to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, and tell you the impacts you can expect from implementation.  Today's hypercompetitive marketplace requires companies to operate lean, cutting waste and improving efficiencies throughout the organization.  We are here to help our clients reach or exceed your performance goals, and do it smartly without the mistakes that so often beset less experienced teams.

Process Optimization for Increased Efficiency and/or Compliance

Our 25+ years of experience designing, implementing and auditing Agile methods, Lean Six Sigma, Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and ISO-9000 family of Quality Management Standards, as well as numerous other standards, best practices, frameworks, and techniques gives us the breadth and depth of knowledge to help your organization successfully achieve your process improvement and/or compliance goals.  

Our tailored approach to re-engineering processes, procedures, and supporting hardware and software technology solutions complements your company culture, and is respectful of those business processes that contribute to your competitive advantage.  We identify, evaluate, recommend and implement only those improvements that contribute to the realization of your business goals with a solid business case.  You can rest assured your processes or systems will not be over-engineered or cumbersome to execute, but will be designed collaboratively to better support your organizational goals.  At Strategies & Solutions Group, we add measurable value to our clients by providing the following:

​​Agile & Lean Project Portfolio Management

Let Strategies & Solutions Group help optimize your resources, skills, budgets and schedules across your projects to maximize realization of your financial or operational goals.  We employ proven techniques to minimize variability in quality, schedule, cost, effort, and risk, increase flexibility and interoperability, and increase productivity and value, thereby helping to ensure project success. 

The experience of our practitioners is impressive.  We hold certifications and belts in "Program Management Professional" (PMP), Lean Six Sigma, and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), among others, and each of our practitioners has over a decade of project management experience to bring to bear for our clients.  Our members have lead Performance Excellence/Quality Assurance teams, Internal and external compliance audits, and have managed Performance Improvement at various large consulting and engineering companies.  

At SSG, we have you covered.  We will identify the fastest, cheapest, least risky, or most suitable approach to deliver your projects.  Our project management plan will leverage our tremendous knowledge-base of frameworks, toolsets, techniques, and best practices to ensure your projects achieve ongoing success. Then we identify, and share best practices from within your own organization and implement actions to minimize the probability and impact of potential risks.

Operational Performance Measurement & Analysis

This activity is about measuring, and maximizing output, efficiency, effectiveness, and growth through the process of collecting, analyzing and/or reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group, organization, system or component. This is an essential element in our Business Analysis activity to identify an organization's "As-is" state prior to evaluating opportunities for improvement.

Key Performance Metrics (KPA) are an essential component of business analysis.  We can't effectively analyze without measurement.  But, when businesses implement measurement programs, it often affects performance in unforeseen ways.  People's behaviors are often influenced by how they're measured.  So, it's important to ensure that all measures lead to behaviors that support the business goals,

We typically perform this activity as part of a "Performance and Profitability Optimization" activity, or to support "Due Diligence" preceding an acquisition or major investment in a target business, or to create an Executive Dashboard to inform critical decision-making.  

But regardless of the purpose for the measurement program, it's important to understand that gathering data usually has a cost associated with it.  You only want to measure what is going to be vital to your analyses.  Therefore, it's essential to perform a cost/benefit analysis of your metrics to ensure the value derived exceeds the cost of acquisition.

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    Performance & Profitability Optimization
    SSG uses a proprietary business analysis process to conduct a forensic evaluation of your business's strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to increase revenue; decrease expenses and waste; improve employee retention and morale; increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; reduce stress; and to improve product and service quality. Through our "Business Analysis" approach, we also identify, evaluate, and create appropriate responses to the threats and risks that plague your business or venture.  Typically, the Business Analysis takes about one month to complete, and we exit this activity with a thorough prioritized recommended plan of action for achieving your goals, and improving performance and profitability in your business.

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    ISO-9000 & CMMI Implementation, Auditing & Appraisals
    For our clients who have identified a business need to implement and apply for certification in either CMMI, ISO-9000 or one of the multiple ISO-9000 industry variants, we'd love to help.  Too often when implementing either ISO-9000 or CMMI, businesses don't understand the importance of tailoring these processes to ensure they don't hinder operations, reduce efficiencies, or increase effort and costs without a corresponding improvement in business goal attainment.  This is where our specialty lies.  We have the expertise to lead or contribute in a meaningful way that improves key performance measures.  

    Then, when you're ready for your SCAMPI Appraisal or your Compliance Audit, we can provide those services as well.  What sets us apart is our adherence to the idea that every process or procedure should make you more efficient and effective in delivering your product or service to your customer.  Process for it's own sake is not a good investment.